WordPress CV Themes to Help You Grab That Job!

At a certain career stage every web professional decides to create their own CV. Hosting it at a custom platform like enthuse.me would be great, but there are quite a lot of limitations, that will not allow you create a perfect CV.

Using such platforms you’ll be able to create CV that will look just like anyone else’s. So why not to consider an option, and build your own, using one of those premium resume designs.

If you didn’t know that there such design products, today we’d like to tell you about the new templates that are already available at TemplateMonster website.

What’s a CV Template?
This is a 1 page resume template just like any other website template you were using previously (if you were), only this one is created specifically for showcasing your career and personal achievements.

Every ÑV from our collection comprises following sections: Home, About, Skills, Experience, Portfolio, Blog and Contacts.

Bio – a nice block where you can present general info about yurself, including some biographical facts.
Technical Skills – being presented in a form of graphics, you can show your future hirerers how experinced are you.
Education/Work Experience – here you can share places where you got your knowledge and experince.
Portfolio – just brag with what you did.
Contact Form – lets them contact you in a second.

We decided to make it as simle as it’s possible that’s why every CV template is built with WordPress, and Cherry Framework. This means that all those cool features you could find in TemplateMonster’s WordPress themes powered by Cherry framework will be available in these WordPress resume designs.

Page of Fashion Photographer WordPress Theme
Being a fashion photographer for sure you will need a place where to store your cool shots. In this CV template, you will find all the necessary sections. One interesting feature that unites these templates are the use of graphics. As you can see My Skills are presented in percents, quite original, as for me.

Designer’s Portfolio WordPress Theme
One of the most stylish CVs in this collection, black color is that undying classics that will make any website strict and concise. Number of interesting things are combined in this layout: My Skills are presented in the form of vertical bars (also with percents), Education and Work Experince will please you with timelines.

Web Developer CV WordPress Theme
This CV combines almost the same elements as in the examples above, only they are presented in another way: My Skills are given the look of a circular graph which is filled in when the page loads. Portfolio section comprises filterable gallery where you can store objects of your pride.

Personal Page of Web Designer WordPress Theme
If you choose this web designer’s CV, it would be something that you can be proud of. Great selection of colors (borrowed from the nature, bees as yellow-black), comprsed with sans serif font make a really cool impression. One interesting feature, if you click the ‘plus’ in any point of the Education or Work Experince section it will unwrap and show additional information.

Web Designer CV WordPress Theme
Another great example of a web designer’s CV. Here you will find everything you’ve ever wanted to have on your website. Just add your info, change photo and you’re ready to go.

Ok, you’re one step far from creating your awesome online CV.

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